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N2L best aimers 2x2 #3

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!!!! ВАЖНО!
0:33 AM
CS OC Div2 important info
by: Alkulima
You can find important information about CS OpenCup Div2 here. Every clan that was not accepted to Div1 should read this! NOTE: The rules to which this text is referring to aren't added yet, they'll be there in time before the matches.

This post is for OC Div2 only. If your clan was accepted into Div1, you should go here. The clans accepted to Div1 can be found here.

The schedule for this OpenCup can be found here.

We will have 4 leagues in Div2 this time. Leagues 1 to 3 have 8 groups with 6 clans, League 4 has 4 groups with 6 clans. We will take 17 clans directly to the 1st league first. We will start with a massive qualifier of 188 clans. All the 188 clans will play in the 1st qualifier round. The winners of the 1st round will be spread to Leagues 1, 2 and 3. The clans that lost their first qualifier match will play against each others and the winners of the 2nd match will fill the 3rd League and partly the 4th league. Most of the clans that lost the 2nd qualifier match too won't participate in the group stage but we will take 7 clans which lost their both matches to the 4th league. When picking the lucky teams, we check if they've played their both matches (no noshows) and how much they lost and did they behave ok. These numbers might change if something unexpected happens during the qualifiers.

Qualifier maps (MR 15):

1st qualifier round: de_dust2
2nd qualifier round:de_inferno

All group matches are played on one map with mr15, check the rules for details. Remember that rounds in the groups might count in the end if there are 3 or more teams tied so you should always play until end. Two best clans of each group gets to the playoffs. The playoffs will be played by using Best of Three (BO3) system which is explained in the rules.

The maplist for the group stage:

1st week: de_nuke
2nd week: de_cpl_mill
3rd week: de_dust2
4th week: de_inferno
5th week: de_train

Remember that you should always take ineyes demos from the match even if there is a HLTV in the server in case the HLTV demo doesn't work. We would be happy if you uploaded a hltv demo of your cup matches. If you need instructions on how to upload your demos to CB, click here.

Clans can enter scores themselves in the Div2. If your match didn't have a cup admin and your opponent doesn't agree with the score or isn't accepting the match in a reasonable time, you should send us email to opencup.cs@gmail.com address with evidence. You should always accept your losses as soon as possible if you don't think your opponent broke the rules or anything. Your clan might be removed from the cup if you don't confirm your losses in clear situations as soon as possible. You should inform us immediately if your opponent is changing the score to the wrong one, if the score has been there unaccepted for a while, we may just autoaccept it. The emails about wildcards, cheating cases or if you have any general questions about this cup shoud be sent to the same cup email. When you're sending email to the cup email, put following info to the topic: what division, what league, what clans played against each others and match's wid (can be seen from match page's url); for example: Div2,League 2, clan A vs clan B, wid=123456 Some rules we'd like to highlight:

Manual silent run will be forbidden as it was in the last season:

"Tapping duck in order to quieten your footsteps' sound significantly (=silent run aka russian jumps) is considered to be bug abuse and results in a forfeit loss."

We are enforcing 32bit colors and smokeshots this time:

"All the players have to use 32 bit colors. Everyone must take a smokeshot (screenshot showing smoke grenade's smoke effect) at the beginning of the match. If a player leaves the server and rejoins later, he must take a new smoke shot. Smokeshots should be given as soon as possible if someone requests them after the match."

We have added a lot of new bug definitions to the "Cheating and Anti-cheating" chapter in the rules which you should read. In addition we added this rule about floating create fixed maps:

"Servers should have "floating crate bugs" fixed maps installed for de_nuke, de_train & de_dust2, else either clan may demand another server before the match is started."

Make sure that all your member are added to your allowed players list (APL) and they all have their correct steam_ids entered. You should check "Clans and Players" part in the rules very carefully as we will follow those rules strictly.

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